Saturday, May 14, 2011

show photos - may 14th roberts street fundraiser

I'm trying to not get my hopes up, but it seems like maybe the rain has stopped.
At least it's stopped long enough for a fundraising matinee for the Roberts Street Social Center.

an outdoor show in the backyard of roberts street. half a dozen cute dogs mingling & a bunch of nice beautiful people hanging out, drinking some beers & passing around a gigantic joint. the sun came out for a few minutes during the seemingly improvised set by judy deals, queen of the poor & her two piece funk band. everyone including myself smiled. there was a bit of dancing & a couple sweet punk as fuck kids running around.
the line up was judy deals, cousins, jackfish, pamela underwater & root rot. even brad religon played a song.
a great overcast outdoor party with lots of different folks.

check out more of rosie's photos here.

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