Tuesday, May 31, 2011


over 280 skids from nine provinces, about a dozen dogs, countless trips to propeller, late night talks & cigarettes, serious bonding, awkward cuddles, kisses on the cheek & lips, new & old crushes, spanging, two days of overcast & one day of sunshine, four trips across the north end with a shopping cart full of drums, two tallbikes, crashing & thrashing, circle pits, overdue reunions, rolling down citadel at 4am, menz bar karaoke, going to bed at dawn & waking up four hours later every day, four workshops, four shows, twenty punk, crust, indie, ska, folk, grindcore, post hardcore bands, shaved heads, new tattoos, respectful political conversations, learning to ollie, folks overcoming their differences, queers, trans punks, crusty fucks, nerds, weirdos, bike snobs, smelly dreadlocks, dyeing each others hair, skids on every corner on spring garden, interacting positively with neighbours, supporting our friends through their troubles, hardly any cops, no noise complaints, communal cooking, bbqing veggie dogs, some good & bad tears, hundreds of photos, anime films at 1 o'clock, refusing to get burnt out, creepy foggy nights at camp fuck off, attempted human pyramids, punks from thirteen to forty, beautiful smiles, games of jenga & bananagrams, numerous pizzas from kit kat & jessy's, busking outside the nslc, new skills & connections, bootlegged wine, all day breakfast, embarrassment, appreciation, suggestions, empty pockets, everyone knowing the words, songs about each other, sleepovers, tent cities in backyards, folks volunteering to clean up & help however & whenever they can, collective decision making, a couples tickets, one broken picture frame, four broken bottles, one person peacefully booted out, no fist fights, strengthening of ideas we already had, minds changed about other issues, knowing who we are or not at all, bummed smokes, borrowed amps & gear, paying all the bands fairly, breaking even, 1000$ won at r4$, spreading the wealth, paying it forward, positivity, an acceptable amount of criticism, hookah sessions, heart to hearts, bloody snares, lost wallets, lost cameras, lost minds, found souls, & just about every person I care about in this fucking country in one place meant the best string of days I have ever had in my goddamn life.

thank you all from the bottom of my swollen & full heart.


here's what we did with your money...

may 27th acoustic show - 95$ in donations
- starla! - 30$
- malarky - 30$
- howls & hush - 30$

we kept 5$ in change but I'm not sure what happened to it (oops!)

may 27th nighttime show - 537$ @ the door
- brain fever - 100$
- money in the banana stand - 100$
- skurm - 100$

- rosie - 40$ (paid back)
- jawsh - 70$ (paid back)
- ryley - 127$

may 28th nighttime show - 289$ @ the door
- stagnant stars - 100$
- fucking gummi bears - 80$

- ryley - 109$ (paid back)

may 29th acoustic show - 48.65$

we are extremely happy to say we've donated our surplus of 48.65$ to halifax's ark outreach. the ark is a drop in on gottingen for homeless & street involved youth. they took in & helped probably over a hundred skids every day during the fest & continue to help young folks out in need every day.

expect a slew of photo & video updates in the coming days. be safe on the road everyone! same time next year, eh?


  1. I had a really amazing time,
    not enough rabbits though,
    maybe next year.
    Also, thanks ryley & everyone who went to the shows, or helped, I really did nothing to help but be there, which I guess is important.
    Love you

  2. AnonymousMay 31, 2011

    Mad thanks to everyone who put on HWF, +bands, +workshop folks, +general punks!

    Most beautiful dirt bag convention ever!