Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the rumble strips - "drunk driver... please don't fall asleep" (2011) download

"drunk driver... please don't fall asleep" (2011)

click on the pretty tape to download!

1. squirrels flocking to yr feet
2. you changed your name
3. the emotional lives of ducks
4. pick up please
5. paper crane puke
6. rock the night away

these rumble strips are NOT from the united kingdom. they're a pop folk band from halifax, nova scotia made up of steve believe, kelly belly, & sonny bones.
they put out this tape through the collective they're apart of, nineties babies earlier this month. this is just the digital version but if you want the physical tape your best bet is to catch them on their cross country "punk as duck" tour happening right now. check out their dates on the nineties babies art collective page.

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