Tuesday, March 29, 2011

byron. - "sad campfire songs" (2011) new full length! DOWNLOAD!

sad campfire songs. (2011)

1. goddamn guelph
2. don't trust the boss
3. untitled
4. here's to land
5. the ballad of marv
6. we gotta figure this shit out
7. vampires
8. breaks my heart
9. like a rabbit
10. whale song

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I met byron many years ago. he was sitting on a bed in a tiny room in a little punk house in guelph, ontario. it was freezing outside & there was torn plastic on the windows. the house had no heat & he was in almost full winter get up.
I'm not sure if we became friends at first but he was always engaging & energetic, especially when he played music. a lot of the first songs I remember him playing were call & response folk tunes that it seemed everyone knew the words to but me.
probably five years later, he's been in & out of my life but is now a close friend.

from the insert...

"so, this is called sad campfire songs after something my brother said when I was playing him a couple of the songs on this album. he said they all sounded like sad campfire songs. I thought it was tragically beautiful and kept it.
shits been really fucking terrible for awhile and this is the release. I hope to play some of these songs only a little while longer and then hide them away. some of them are so loaded, they're tough to play. let me know what keeps you sane and in joy"

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