Thursday, February 10, 2011

sockfoot - "our teeth will break your bones" (2011) album download

our teeth will break your bones (2011)

"sockfoot is mary burnet and also is sometimes and has been mogli david, julia feltham, peter kozak, feather and thom."

1. coyotes
2. slug love
3. shoot into our open palms
4. leaves & twine
5. singing bones
6. I'll never sleep again

click on the album art to download the full album along with a scan of the cover & lyric sheet.

the first time I remember seeing sockfoot was at a show in the living room of the now deceased punk house, pac flav. they were a four piece with mary on guitar, peter on keys & junk drums, jodi on saw & mogli playing banjolele. each member was dressed up with face paint & in full animal costumes.
the songs came off howling, yet simple & eerie. everyone was swooning over the sounds.
since then, more than a year later a lot of people have sat in with mary, the main songwriter to make sockfoot what it is. most recently the band has been comprised of cellist julia & vocalist/guitarist mary. the duo creates one of the most enjoyable live experiences to watch. they have amazing chemistry & even if the songs seem slightly dark & haunting, their hilarious & awkward banter between songs brings smiles to everyone watching.
I'm really glad this record exists because a lot of us have been waiting a long time for it.
without trying to put a genre label on this release, I'll say it most reminds me of bands like the horse museum, a stick & a stone, & early cocorosie.
this record is best heard really late at night, while it snows outside, while your nose is running, while your cat naps, while you're burning candles in the dark, & while you're making numerous hot toddy's to fight the off the cold.
or at least that's what I'm doing.

contact mary directly...

& order a physical copy, or just tell her what you think.


  1. Sorry to interject but check out the email I sent you!

  2. I have the recording of that night at Pac-Flav too, I'll get that your way soon.