Tuesday, February 1, 2011

show photos by devon berquist - january 29th FnB benefit

this show was really amazing. it was inspiring to see so many different kinds of people together in a packed kitchen dancing & getting all sweaty with each other. there was even a cute little toddler with headphones on & a punk vest watching the bands with his dad.
if anyone has any experiences they want to share from this night, please leave a comment or email us at diyhalifax@gmail.com & we'll add it to this post.

thanks to devon jupiter for the photos!

here are some links to the bands that played.

mistake makers
total bastards
the rumble strips
broken ankles

the show was a benefit for halifax's food not bombs chapter. FNB serves at 1:00 every sunday at the north branch library on gottingen, & every wednesday at the spring garden library downtown around 5:00ish. rumours are that we're getting a third serving soon as well.
halifax is pretty lucky to have even one FNB serving, let alone three. no other city of comparable size would be able to sustain that.
thanks again to all the bands & the house & everyone involved for this night.

- ryley

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