Friday, January 28, 2011

fairy boy discography 2007 - 2009

panic songs (2007)

"twelve song full length from 2007 written by a seventeen year old on the verge of everything. weird instrumentation. songs about death, confusion, broken hearts, travelling, running away, hometowns, & exhausting every possibility."

1. marine iguanas in love
2. I'm going to california. I need a fucking sunny day.
3. this day noise bothers me & I bother us both
4. I fell in love with a misandrist
5. maybe someday I'll turn into a swan
6. considame gone.
7. S.O.S.
8. getting hit with a half empty beer bottle only illustrates that point
9. dear canada: garcia says "HELLO!"
10. sorry.
11. when life gives you lemons, shoot yourself in the face

winter (2008)

"ten song lo-fi split recorded half in halifax & half in ottawa in the middle of winter 2008. songs all intentionally written around the common theme of leaving southern ontario & adjusting to new cities with the snow. this is fairy boy's half."

1. bored is safe
2. an apple a day
3. drunken dumbshow
4. scared ghosts
5. bottomless cartons of milk

stay here (2009)

"six songs recorded in old apartments, in now evicted houses & friends bedrooms. a lot of instruments & a lot of kids involved, yelling at the walls or the ocean. songs about gender, sexuality, travelling, feeling at home, feeling hopeful, knowing what to trust. released in the same package with story's album "in a barren wasteland with cruel intentions"."

1. harbour water
2. I want kids?
3. I mississauga you
4. list a place you'd like to see firebombed
5. little rockets
6. "when you were a boy"

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