Saturday, January 8, 2011

"can I punk mail my heart?" 2010 CANADIAN FOLK PUNK COMPILATION DOWNLOAD

"a compilation of diy bands made up of friends who have lived, travelled, played, toured, struggled & dreamed together. bands that share members, ideas, fears, cigarettes, instruments, food & bedrooms. bands made up of friends who have made out, skinny dipped, slept over, held hands, broken hearts & fallen back in love. friends that one in the morning, at a crowded basement showed when everyone you know is in town for the night, poured their guts out to each other, drunk & crying. friends that build punk scenes in their cities open to anyone who gets it. friends who despite the season, geographic separation & isolation & money will travel 6000 km's across the country to see you."

click on the cover art to download.

1. ants & anchors - mountains (halifax, ns)
2. davita g. - sad friends (london, on)
3. whimsy & spite - shit swim (halifax, ns)
4. story. - the apology (PEI)
5. big ugly nose - travel heart (winnipeg, mob)
6. bum tickens - crying holy (toronto, on)
7. carrot & sweet potato - clean that up or I'll fucking kill you (halifax, ns)
8. audio/rocketry - hallelujah halifax (edmonton, ab)
9. sockfoot - slug love (halifax, ns)
10. steve believe. - basement ghosts (edmonton, ab)
11. cud eastbound - plague dog (PEI)
12. the official suckers - straight kids playing dress up (halifax, ns)
13. jawsh carson - tralfamador (halifax, ns)
14. mogli - highly concentrated (halifax, ns)
15. the horse museum - library (toronto, on)
16. kit wilson-yang - in front of the t.v. (montreal, qc)
17. byron. - the whale song (guelph, on)


  1. Mediafire keeps saying the link is broken. Any other way to download??

  2. fixed the link... a year later.