Wednesday, November 17, 2010


saturday, november 20th, 2010
7:00 @ 5426 north street (the purple house, near the bridge)
all ages! no bullshit behaviour! please respect the house it's being held in.
free, but maybe bring a couple bucks to pick up make no gains new cassette which they just released recently!

MAKE NO GAINS - political thrashy sounding punk in the vein of propagandhi, strike anywhere, pennywise // ex members of flags of convenience
STAGNANT STARS - mathy post hardcore/punk two piece. sounds a little like at the drive in, 1994!, grown ups, 7 drinks too many //
MISTAKE MAKERS - introspective emo pop punk, influenced by nana grizol, p.s. eliot, & 90's screamo // featuring members of the official suckers, two kids running away, steve believe

tell your awesome friends about this blog. the hope is that to have this page filled with local show listings, interviews, album downloads, & anything that pertains to kids doing great things in halifax.
email me at with your show posters, show reviews, any photos from local shows etc.

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